About Masterson Farms



Masterson Farms, LLC is an organization dedicated to breeding, raising, and developing the finest western pleasure show horses available. The farm began its focus upon breeding with its acquisition of Zippos Sheik in 1993 following a decade of involvement in showing, boarding, and training western pleasure horses. In 2006, great progress was made toward achieving its goals when RL Best Of Sudden was purchased. As well, the farm’s operations moved in 2007 to its new facilities in Somerville, Tennessee.In 2007, both stallions stood to the public and an outstanding group of mares were bred. The farm’s staff is dedicated to providing their breeding customers the best and most efficient service possible as well as adding as much value as possible to those customers’ foals. With two outstanding sires of different (but complementary) bloodlines and the continuing expansion of an outstanding group of mares, the farm will also be breeding and offering for sale outstanding show prospects as well as young horses well on their way to being accomplished show horses.Masterson Farms, LLC is owned by Ken and Marilyn Masterson. Ken has been interested since his youth in quarter horses and following his retirement from FedEx Corporation, which he served as its General Counsel for 25 years, he devotes his full time and energy to pursuing the objectives which have been set for the farm. Marilyn Masterson, the daughter of a family dedicated to the American Saddlebred horse in Lexington, Kentucky, came to quarter horses much later but is actively engaged as well in promoting the farm and its horses.